Saturday, October 8, 2011

Top Creations and Innovations by Steve Jobs

10. USB Power Adapter

10. USB Power Adapter Top 10 Creations and Innovations by Steve Jobs

If you think that this was just another thing to pass by, you need to think again. Yup, it was not the Chinese that made this thing to light. In order for the iPod to be charged and connected to the computer on different instances, just in case a computer is absent, Steve Jobs made an adapter that can have the same charging function of a PC.

9. NeXT Computer

9. NeXT Computer Top 10 Creations and Innovations by Steve Jobs

When Steve Jobs left Apple in 1985, he had created his own computer empire to show Apple that he can live without the company that ditched him. As founder and CEO of NeXT, he was able to create a computer line in 1988 and a smaller version in 1990. When Jobs came back to Apple, he purchased NeXT in December 1996 for $429 million, for the sake of expanding the OSX line with NeXT’s OpenStep system.

8. Pixar Animation Studios

8. Pixar Animation Studios Top 10 Creations and Innovations by Steve Jobs

Before Steve Jobs bought the company and made it into his own, it was known as Lucasfilm. Yup, the same group that was behind the stunning graphics being used in Star Wars movies and other Sci-Fi movies like Star Trek. He purchased the company, before with 45 CG experts, for $5 million to George Lucas, and another $5 million for the working capital. Pixar was born when Jobs left Apple in 1986.

7. Macintosh

7. Macintosh Top 10 Creations and Innovations by Steve Jobs

First created in January 24, 1984, it was the first of the line of computers to be developed and sold by Apple. It was the computer that pioneered the path to what is being adapted in the modern day, operated by a mouse and using graphics user interface instead of a command line interface that is found in MS-DOS. Right now, we are enjoying iMacs and MacBooks coming from the early masterpiece.

6. iTunes Music Store

6. iTunes Music Store Top 10 Creations and Innovations by Steve Jobs

Thanks to his concern to music artists and other musicians, Steve Jobs made a way for customers to enjoy their downloaded music while assuring that artists are paid for the music they made. The iTunes store sold music for $0.99 each and has a complex security system that cannot be hacked for stealing music.

5. Mac OSX

5. Mac OSX Top 10 Creations and Innovations by Steve Jobs

The reign of Apple’s powerful computer operating system was developed greatly, thanks to the OpenStep system found in NeXTSTEP, as Steve Jobs created the company when he left Apple in 1985. The existing Mac was combined with a different system, making the Mac OS adaptable to home and professional use. Everyone may have heard “Rhapsody” which was the name of the Mac OSX before it was launched for public purchase.

4. iPod

4. iPod Top 10 Creations and Innovations by Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs had changed the game once more when he considered people who have been enjoying the life of portable music while not worrying the weight and size of what they carry. The iPod has been designed as an inspiration for those people who cannot live without their bulky walkman or CD player.

3. iPad

3. iPad Top 10 Creations and Innovations by Steve Jobs

A device that gave birth to other tablet computers and other portable tab devices like the Samsung Galaxy Tab or the BlackBerry Playbook. Steve Jobs was at it again, innovating something new that others find hard to imitate. He made the iPhone grow bigger and become better.

2. iPhone

2. iPhone Top 10 Creations and Innovations by Steve Jobs

One of the best toys to be ever enjoyed by both kids and adults alike is the iPhone. When it was first introduced in January 9, 2007, the whole world was shaken with a game changer in mobile phone technology. It had brought internet and gaming in a whole new level. It is, and it may be the best portable mobile device to do pretty much of everything from video, to audio, to gaming, and even social networking.

1. Apple

1. Apple Top 10 Creations and Innovations by Steve Jobs

Who could believe that one of the world’s greatest computer empires had started from a home garage way back in April 1, 1976, with only three people doing all of the dirty work? The partnerships of Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne gave way to the development of a huge compute company. Back then, the computer was handmade and the innovation just kept going better and better. Homes, businesses, and the corporate world have seen the developments as revolutionary and amazing. Right now, it still rocks with the latest gadgets and other technologies that others find challenging to mimic or overthrow.

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