Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Rock In Rio 2011 - Slipknot - Full Show(Show Completo) - Slipknot Wallpapers

Slipknot é uma banda de metal norte-americana formada em Des Moines, Iowa. É constituída por nove membros, sendo eles atualmente Sid Wilson, Joey Jordison, Donnie Steele, Chris Fehn, James Root, Craig Jones, Shawn Crahan, Mick Thomson e Corey Taylor. O alinhamento da banda manteve-se inalterado desde 1999 até 2010. Cada membro usa uma máscara distinta. O Rock in Rio 2011 Ajoelhou-se diante a Banda.


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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Beyond Godlike

And I was 50% right! He’s an American-Asian martial artist – which makes it even better! This is Jon Foo as Jin Kazama.
I was with David Nakpil when we checked out the full cast – here are the ones that got our minds blowing!
Cary Hiroyuki Tagawa as Heihachi Mishima – remember the 1st Mortal Kombat movie? He was Shang Tsung. Yes he’s still buff. And yes, he’s much older than that picture now.
Mann Village Theatre
Ron Perlman as Paul Phoenix – For those who don’t know, he’s the buff old dude who played Hellboy. (Though IMDB says its unconfirmed let us keep our fingers crossed!)
Chiaki Kuriyama as Ling Xiaoyu – remember that cute girl with the mace in Kill Bill? Oh yeah.
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Nathan Jones as Craig Marduk – For those who know Nathan Jones, nuff said. For those who don’t, watch Brad Pitt’s Achilles take him down in the first few minutes of Troy.
Tamlyn Tomita as Jun Kazama – remember that cute brown-skinned Japanese girl in the Karate Kid two? She’s all grown up as Jin’s mother here!
Batista as King - OMG. OMFG. (Awesome guitar entrance here)
Cung Le as Marshall Law - Everyone knows that Law was based on Bruce Lee right? Well Cung Le is today’s hottest fighter of Lee’s art: Jeet Kune Do.
Jackie Chan as Lei Wulong
– as far as I know, Jackie Chan is only the second dude since Samuel L. Jackson (Nick Fury) to play a character based upon himself. IMDB changed status to unconfirmed – but if this doesn’t pull through I’ll commit suicide.
Check out the other cast members – pls comment if you know who they are. But as far as I see, they are absolutely awesome!
Luke Goss as Steve Fox (Hellboy 2 – the white haired villain)
Gary Daniels as Bryan Fury
Roger Huerta as Miguel
Ian Anthony Dale as Kazuya Mishima
Candice Hillebrand as Nina Williams
Marian Zapico as Anna Williams
Kelly Overton as Christie Monteiro
Darrin Henson as Raven
Lateef Crowder as Eddy Gordo
Anton Kasabov as Sergei Dragunov