Friday, September 16, 2011

Who Voices Which Characters on The Simpsons (PHOTO)

Homer J. SimpsonThe cast of record-breaking TV show The Simpsons has scored a bumper new pay deal that guarantees the top voice actors $US400,000 ($420,000) an episode and paves the way for work to start on a record 20th season of the cultural touchstone.

The show about the dysfunctional family in the fictional town of Springfield is easily the longest running animated TV show and will now tie the western series Gunsmoke as the longest running prime-time series in TV history.

Production of the 20th season of the series was delayed for several months when the actors and 20th Century Fox TV failed to reach a pay agreement. Because of the delay, 20 episodes of the new series will be made instead of the usual 22, Variety reported today.

According to Variety the new salaries of the stars – including Dan Castellaneta who plays Homer, and Nancy Cartwright who voices Bart – would rise to $US400,000 an episode.

As part of the latest deal, Castellaneta has been named consulting producer on the series. He will serve as a writer in addition to his role as a voice performer.

The cast had asked for $US500,000 an episode, up from $US300,000 that they had been receiving.

Simpsons voice actors

Jennifer Anniston Annie Hughes has sounded from the cartoon "The Iron Giant."
This cartoon was born in 1999, when Jennifer has starred in "Friends."
11 More Celebs. after the break...
July 29 will debut in the animated Katy Perry movie - her voice tells a charming heroine of "Smurfit", reminiscent of Marilyn Monroe.
"I feel just the same, a walking cartoon character," laughs Katy Perry.
The actress joined the long list of his colleagues, "borrow" their own voices cartoon characters.

Anne Hathaway "borrowed" his voice a character named "Jewel" in the movie "Rio."
In addition, she voiced the characters of "The Simpsons" and "Family Guy".

Voice of Christina Applegate talks charming burunduchiha Brittany in the movie "Alvin and the Chipmunks."

Ellen DeGeneres voiced Dory in the cartoon "Finding Nemo," which was released in 2003.
The typical charming character we remember any and all viewers.

Voice of Hermione Granger from the film saga of Harry Potter - a young actress Emma Watson - said the Princess Pia cartoon
"Tale of Despereaux." "I read the script and was thrilled! I just lyubilas in Despereaux, so there was no choice,
I just was obliged to announce the princess! "podelilas Emma.

“Horton Hears a Who!”. Isla Fisher "gave" their own voice to Dr. Mary Lou Larue in the animated film "Horton Hears a Who!".
In addition to her voice acting in animated attended Jim Carrey, Steve Carell, Met Rogan and Jaime Pressly.

Jada Smith voice Pinker talks to Gloria from the cartoon "Madagascar" and "Madagascar 2".
Smith says that "Gloria just wonderful, and we had a pleasant time.

'Miley Cyrus' voice said Penny Cartoon "Bolt." And not just talking, and singing the song "I thought I lost you"
duet with John Travolta

Nicole Kidman Norma Jean voiced in a charming animated film "Happy Feet" in the voice acting is also
attended by Hugh Jackman and Robin Williams.

Voice of Queen Latifah said Ellie, a mammoth of "Ice Age"."It's beautiful because it has a clear view of themselves
and its place in the world, "laughs Latifah.

Reese Witherspoon gave a voice Susan Murphy of the animated film "Monsters vs. Aliens."
"It's always nice to play a good character even in the movie!", Says Witherspoon.

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