Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Hollywood Top 10 Beautiful Photos

10. Kareena Kapoor

Top 10 Hottest Legs in Bollywood

Though she was the proud owner of thunder thighs during the earlier part of her career, she must've realized that it wouldn't take her too far in her Bollywood journey. She soon shed all those pounds and transformed into the 'size-zero' queen of Bollywood that made every other actress see green. Today, her legs are so in shape that she could give some of the top models a good run for their money.

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9. Katrina Kaif

Top 10 Hottest Legs in Bollywood

Katrina Kaif is an actress who has never been out of shape. She has always maintained an hourglass figure which looks even better post 'Tees Maar Khan'. Her milky white legs are a treat for our eyes while the length also adds to its appeal.

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8. Jacqueline Fernandez

Top 10 Hottest Legs in Bollywood

Sri Lankan import, Jacqueline Fernandez wowed the audience with her scintillating moves and plenty of leg show in 'Murder 2'. In fact, those beautiful golden legs almost took away the glory from her stunning face. Its hard to decide what we like more about her– her face or her legs.

7. Jiah Khan

Top 10 Hottest Legs in Bollywood

While we don't exactly remember how she performed in her first film, we definitely haven't forgotten how gorgeous her long legs looked on the screen. 'Nishabd' might have been panned by all critics but we're very sure that they, and a lot other men, couldn't have stopped dreaming about Jiah (and her legs) despite the bad performance.

6. Neha Dhupia

Top 10 Hottest Legs in Bollywood

Neha is known for her curvy figure that looks beautiful in every frame. Almost everything about Neha Dhupia's figure is beautiful and special honor can be bestowed upon her legs. Neha can surely boast of having one of the best gams in B-town, if not of anything else.

5. Malaika Arora Khan

Top 10 Hottest Legs in Bollywood

Yes, we all know that Malaika has always had one of the hottest bodies in Bollywood and her legs surely play a vital role in it. Its a known fact that everyone wants a piece of Malaika's luscious legs but we think that even Malaika herself loves her legs as she can never resist showing them off.

4. Priyanka Chopra

Top 10 Hottest Legs in Bollywood

Our favourite, Piggy Chops has also been an actress who has always kept herself in great shape. Her toned legs are her assets and we got to see plenty of it in 'Dostana'. Priyanka also loves to flaunt her legs and guys and girls love to gape at them.

3. Bipasha Basu

Top 10 Hottest Legs in Bollywood

Bipasha Basu was chosen to endorse a particular brand of shoes, which claim to help tone the legs. Now you don't wanna ask why they chose Bips over her contemporaries. Its for the simple reason that Bips is a gymming enthusiast and always ensures that her legs are super toned.

2. Deepika Padukone

Top 10 Hottest Legs in Bollywood

Deepika's legs were glorified long before she entered Bollywood. She had one of the best pair even amongst the top models of the country. Deepika easily swayed her way to the top, in Bollywood, but her contemporaries haven't been able to match up to her gams, which are still in top shape.

1. Shilpa Shetty

Top 10 Hottest Legs in Bollywood

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