Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Google Street View catches naked Florida women

(CBS) - Exercise a little caution, folks, if you're ever outside and don't want Google Street View to catch you doing something you'd be embarrassed about.

Such was the case for this Florida woman who was prancing around in her birthday suit outside her Miami home. You can't really make out the face of the unidentified nude lady - thank goodness for pixilation.

"It used to be you could contemplatively hold a water jug naked outside of your Liberty City house without fear that your photo would end up on the internet," Miami NewTimes reports. "Used to be. Bill Cooke, the blogging brain behind Random Pixels, chuckled a lot as he told us to Google the address and then click on 'street view.' After the jump, we did a lot of zooming in and lightening and playing with contrast levels."

Not nice, but we're not going to lie - we went there, too.

When we checked again this morning at 9:45 a.m., the view of the woman's home is different from the picture above - she (and her nakedness) is no longer shown, she's been super-blurred. Even still, many news outlets like ABC News and Forbes already captured the original shot.

Google Street View, the technology on Google Maps and Google Earth that provides views of streets all over the world, launched in 2007. At first, it only showed several cities in the United States, but as you can see, Google Street View is also now in most neighborhoods and might be able to see into your own backyard.

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