Monday, October 10, 2011

Bizarre World Records

 Bizarre World Records Part 1

10. Heaviest Living Woman
10. Heaviest Living Woman1 10 More Bizarre World Records

You have watched the Biggest Loser or at least you have known that the show has gathered the heaviest people and helping them lose their fat, the natural way. However, there is one contestant that may not join this contest as the medical situation of this person may be too challenging. Pauline Potter is confirmed as the world’s heaviest living woman with the weight of 643 lbs. being 47 years old.

9. Fastest Time to Burst Balloons Using the Back
9. Fastest Time to Burst Balloons Using the Back 10 More Bizarre World Records
No, we are not talking about using your back to pop the balloon by laying it flat on the ground and lying down on it with your back popping it. For Julia Gunthel, also known as Zlata from Hochstadt, Germany, popping the balloon is done by standing still, keeping the balloon on the butt, and popping it by flexing your back to your butt, and doing it as fast as possible. She was able to pop 3 balloons in 12 seconds.

8. Female Longest Tongue
8. Female Longest Tongue 10 More Bizarre World Records
Have you ever been dared to use your tongue to reach the tip of your nose? When you find it so hard, there is someone who will not just tap the nose, but may even wet the eyes when she feels like it. Chanel Tapper from California has a tongue that measures 9.75cm with lengths that can be compared to an iPhone.

7. Widest Mouth
7. Widest Mouth 10 More Bizarre World Records

Imagine eating your burger with one bite, when you do not have the time. This can be easily done by Francisco Domingo Joaquim as he is recorded to have the widest mouth in the world. It was recorded in Rome, Italy on March 18, 2010.

6. Female Longest Fingernails
6. Female Longest Fingernails 10 More Bizarre World Records

Growing fingernails for ladies is natural as it is attractive, especially with nail polish added. However, having it grown to over 8.65m in total length may be too extreme. This is the record that Lee Redmond of Salt Lake City, Utah when she started to take care of her nails starting 1979.

5. Male Longest Fingernails
5. Male Longest Fingernails 10 More Bizarre World Records

Yep, if you think that growing nails is just a girl thing, a Guinness World Record has also noted of a man growing his fingernails at great lengths. Melvin Boothe of Pontiac has nails that are longer than Redmond’s is, with 9.85m at total length.

4. Hairiest Teenager
4. Hairiest Teenager 10 More Bizarre World Records

Having hair grown all over the body is a very big issue for the ladies as they like it when their skin is all smooth and silky. However, with Supatra Sasuphan of Phanakorn, Bangkok, Thailand, she may have too much problems with her hands. However, she has been strong to accept her uniqueness, making her the hairiest teen lady noted by Guinness.

3. Farthest Milk Squirting Distance
3. Farthest Milk Squirting Distance 10 More Bizarre World Records

If you think this feat is easy to beat, try to drink some milk and have it squirted coming from your eyeballs. Easy? This is the kind of performance that gasped so many people, with Ilker Yilmaz of Turkey doing the amazing act. He was able to squirt it with a distance of 9 feet and 2 inches.

2. Most Needles Inserted on the Head
2. Most Needles Inserted on the Head 10 More Bizarre World Records

This has been achieved by Wei Shengchu of China. For people that have been too accustomed with acupuncture, you would reckon that this is ordinary. However, acupuncture is sticking needles to manipulate the pressure points in the body, and may hurt bad if everything is stuck too close to each other.

1. Smallest Waist
1. Smallest Waist 10 More Bizarre World Records

The usual vital statistics of the sexiest women are 36 on the bust size, 24 on the waist, and 36 on the hips. However, having a waistline of 21 inches when not wearing a corset, and goes as tight as 15 inches with a corset, is definitely bizarre. Cathie Jung of Old Mystic in the US has achieved this strange record.

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