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Best Interview Dressing Tips for Women

Being hired in a company that you are applying and dreaming for is indeed a competition. You do not just go there and prepare your intellectual juices to impress your interviewer. You also dress for success to get the big “yes” from them. There is a basic interview dressing tips for women who may not be aware that they are not doing things right that could be the cause of declination of the company. Remember that first impressions last. Judgment is being given even before you talk but how you carry and dress yourself properly to the right occasion, especially if a professional meeting will be done like this. It is up to you if you would reject these tips or accept them.

outfits Top 10 Interview Dressing Tips for Women

10. Purse is a Big NO
10. Purse is a Big NO e1315508085629 Top 10 Interview Dressing Tips for Women
There is no fashion statement to be observed before you put everything that you need in your bag. Although purse is a crazy fad today, employers will observe that and not even your too big bag since you are not going to bring your whole house up to your interview.

9. Follow Basic Hygiene
9. Follow Basic Hygiene e1315508121134 Top 10 Interview Dressing Tips for Women
This is very basic. We do it each day and must religiously follow it since most of the activities that we do is in a socialization phase. Anyhow, you do not want to go to your interview with your hair unkempt, teeth unclean, and foul odor spreading like a virus. Keep your nails trimmed, shoes polished and of course, nothing defeats the natural fresh smell from a shower.

8. Too much is bad
8. Too much is bad e1315508161522 Top 10 Interview Dressing Tips for Women
Everything, which is done excessively, leaves a bad impression to your interviewer. Do not overdress yourself. Do not wear too much make-up. It should be minimal. It goes with the cologne or perfume that you would be wearing that day. Just a light scent would do. You are not going to create a magic spell to your future boss but you want to impress them rather than seduce them.

7. Check and Fit
7. Check and Fit e1315508202960 Top 10 Interview Dressing Tips for Women
Nothing beats a timely preparation. If you were informed a few days before your scheduled time of interview, you should check everything, especially if you are not going to wear new shoes, dress, pants and other professional clothing. Make sure that they are clean and well pressed. Check and prepare everything so you will not go on a rush to avoid any inconveniences on the said date.

6. Not too tight and casual
6. Not too tight and casual e1315508252601 Top 10 Interview Dressing Tips for Women
It does not matter if you would be interviewed by a man or a woman. You cannot wear your mini skirt, skimpy clothing, and other casual attire that may leave an impression to your interviewer that you are not up for the job but you are taking lightly of the position. Of course, this goes for positions that require professional outfits but to those who are applying for other positions where they might get dirty and would need other clothing, should never ignore this advice on that meet-up

5. Dress-up that Suits your Budget
5. Dress up that Suits your Budget e1315508297292 Top 10 Interview Dressing Tips for Women
Of course, if you have your resources then you could buy a decent pair of suits, skirts, and slacks. Hence, you do not need to dress like the President of the company just to please them. Stay on your budget because you might have more than two interviews for the day or more for the week.

4. Close-Shoes are Mandatory
4. Close Shoes are Mandatory e1315508336909 Top 10 Interview Dressing Tips for Women
In all standard office positions, you have to wear closed toe shoes, not slip-ons and a sandal, which is women’s favorite these days. They are not just for professional purposes but also to protect your feet from any accidents that might come while walking towards your job interview.

3. Professional Hairstyle
3. Professional Hairstyle e1315508391608 Top 10 Interview Dressing Tips for Women
You are not going to attend a formal party and have your hair rolled up or produce curly styles. You do not need to show off your bangs. What you need is a simple hairstyle that you can easily maintain. You should not cause any distraction and you should be comfortable while talking to the executive of the company.

2. Minimal Accessories
2. Minimal Accessories e1315508431833 Top 10 Interview Dressing Tips for Women
Dangles are not appropriate although they are cool earrings for party or gimmicks, but simple earrings like a pearl and a wristwatch would do. Too much accessories would result to casual get up. In fact, no jewelry at all is recommended but one or two are enough to be presentable.

1. Research or Call Company Receptionists
1. Research or Call Company’s Receptionists e1315508467593 Top 10 Interview Dressing Tips for Women
Before you screw up your day and the person is who would talk to you, better check the company’s profile. Make enough research about the position that you are applying for, if it is within the frame of a typical office setting, follow 2 to 10, even if you will be working on a rugged and dirty job.
It is always important that you know your purpose why do you want to win the position over specific number of applicants. Sell your best self by not saying anything at all but projecting your best you through your clothes.

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