Tuesday, May 24, 2011


It was May 21, 2011 and we had a rapturous time. May 22nd too.
We were surrounded by Superheroes in Spandex and Comic-book Artists in their element, yet there we were with our television puppets from so many childhoods.
And the response was ecstatic!
So (so) many people would spot us - - look away -- look back and go OH MY GOD!!! as the memories of long ago flash-flooded to the forefront of their present.
(click on the pictures)
See TITO SWING on my right? I had him positioned so that as folks would notice him he would wink at them. You should've seen the double takes!
Some people were crazy for the Juke Box Band from SHINING TIME STATION. DJ KAT pulled a strong response too. Others went weepy for PINWHEEL. Bobby Moynihan from Saturday Night Live stopped by to say hello to the Hobo Bugs he watched as a kid. (He took a picture with the puppets. I asked him to e it to me and if he does I'll post it. Bobby was terrific!)

We were also visited by fellow puppeteer James Wojtal. . .
A great experience. To have planted our imaginations into so many young minds and to have had it take root was a wonderful confirmation. The puppets (who have aged far less than the rest of us!) could not have been happier!
We are so looking forward to launching our next puppet project. Stay tooned.

Here is the official website:

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