Sunday, February 13, 2011


One of our first television jobs together was working with Emmy-winning, former Muppeteer *Danny Seagren on adapting the Mel Lazarus comic strip MISS PEACH OF THE KELLY SCHOOL into puppet form. Advertising giant J Walter Thompson got behind it and it was syndicated through METROMEDIA.
First class production all the way. We shot 4, 1/2 hr holiday-themed specials in Toronto. A fella named MARTY SHORT was one of the voices - - debuting his Ed Grimley character voice as an intellectual turkey who's song and dance skills ultimately save him from the Thanksgiving table.
Debbie Grover played the live on-camera Miss Peach herself, and Second City veterans (Robin Duke, Mary Long, Ben Gordon) portrayed several other voices live-in-studio while we puppeteered. We of course did many of the voices live as well. Sammy Cahn wrote the theme song and Ed Sharlack (Mork & Mindy) co-wrote the specials.
Eren Ozker, Canadian content stand-in puppeteer, Olga Felgemacher, Danny Seagren, and Craig Marin

We loved doing these specials. Went on to do a one hour NBC After School Special. And I really enjoyed bringing MEL's amazing character's to life. I asked him if he would sign my script, and he said, "uh, yeah. . ." and walked away. When we wrapped, he came up to me and said "here you go." And on the cover he drew Arthur saying "Without Craig's hand, I'd have that empty feeling." It's one of my treasures, framed, and hanging on the wall. Thanks, Mel!!
*Danny Seagren has remained a dear friend to this day. Not only is he our son Gabriel's Godfoddah, but, he was also SPIDERMAN on Electric Company.
I'll see if I can post some PEACHY excerpts in the near future.

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